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How to choose an Online Therapist

Online psychologists can support and enable care for a wide range of mental health issues. They are skilled, trained, and licensed in the field of psychology and have the ability to help you cope with life’s challenges. While there is no discernible difference between an online psychologist and one you visit in person (outside of the setting, of course) it is crucial to find the best possible online therapy provider to facilitate the healing and growth you’re looking to achieve.

Here are a few guidelines to help you make your decision:

  • A reputable online therapist will always offer licensed and trained psychological help to his clients. To select the right provider, it is therefore important to check that your psychologist is properly licensed and qualified. On the website of the therapist his academic training as psychologist, additional psychotherapies he has mastered en his registration with the appropriate health institutions. If these are not in the website, move on.
  • You have to evaluate whether a psychologist is the right match for you, i.e. if you feel comfortable with him in an online setting. There has to be a good personal fit — the right chemistry is vital when forging the therapeutic bond. If you need to switch to another psychologist, do it! But just remember, you will need time discern the chemistry and to establish the bond. Therefore do not be in to much of a hurry when switching therapists. Give it a reasonable chance before you switch.
  • Make sure that you ascertain which channels of communication (Skype, Zoom, email, cellular phone, texting) your online therapist use – and prefer to use. And make sure that you understand the procedure you have to follow to easily connect with your online therapist.
  • Ask your online therapist what his field of specialization (as far as booth psychological problems and methods of working with patients) is. Or even how much experience he previously had with patients struggling with the same issues you have.

It is always more comforting when you feel that you can trust the person you choose as your online Therapist.

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