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How to prepare for Online Therapy

Online therapy, like all things, might take some time to adjust to. Overall, however, it is very similar to face-to-face therapy. But if you find it slightly scary (or you would like to be better prepared for Online Therapy), follow these tips to put you more at ease....

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How to choose an Online Therapist

Online psychologists can support and enable care for a wide range of mental health issues. They are skilled, trained, and licensed in the field of psychology and have the ability to help you cope with life’s challenges. While there is no discernible difference between...

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Confessions of an Online Therapist

My First steps as an Online Therapist. Melissa Stringer is an old hand at Online Therapy. A few years back she transformed her private psychotherapy practice into an online exclusively practice. Prior to that, she conducted therapy in a traditional face-to-face format...

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Does Online Therapy work?

Scientific research about Online Therapy. While many people find relief by accessing psychological treatment from the comfort of their own homes, others raise concerns about whether online treatment might be too risky. One of the biggest concerns about online therapy...

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Hiccups in Online Therapy

Challenges in Online Therapy. Even though Online Therapy may be a good solution, it has it's own hiccups... it's own challenges that it presents to both the Online Psychologist and the online client. And it will only be to the extent that these issues are resolved...

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Online Therapy fullfills a need

Online Therapy:Because there is a need! These days professional discussions about psychotherapy often come around to the same topic — online therapy (or e-therapy; internet therapy, cyber therapy, telehealth therapy, etc.). These discussions often get stuck when it...

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